About Us

A proud Texas based, family and woman owned business operating since 2012. We clear property and spaces of any size, residential or commercial. We’re passionate about supporting our local community, and its charities. We give new life to many discarded items by donating them to local charities, shelters, non-profits, and other organizations. IREP serves the greater Austin & select Houston areas.

Our Mission

IREP Junk Removal is dedicated to making unwanted items feel wanted. We live up to our name to be able to say, “I Recycle Everything Possible”. Whether it be donating, repurposing, or reselling, we have a drive to help the local community with our on-time, efficient, and friendly service at competitive prices. Striving to assist individuals in maximizing space while minimizing waste is our goal.

Our Vision

IREP works hard to build respect and empathy within the community in an effort to reach a zero waste, green environment for all.


We haul and recycle junk from residential and commercial locations, as well as offer groundwork and bulk removal from dumpsters. We even have an online store where we sell gently used items at thrift prices (50% or more off retail value).

  • Residential Hauling
  • Commercial Hauling
  • Construction Debris Haul
  • Ground Work (Micro trash, Cigarette Butts, Pet Waste)
  • Dwelling Trash Out
  • Recycling Pick-up
  • Writ of Possessions
  • Resale Shop

What Sets Us Apart?

  • No Cost, No Obligation Estimates
  • Same-Day, Next-Day Service
  • Guaranteed On Time Service
  • No Paperwork! Online Invoicing & Payment Available
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Recycle 60%+ of Items
  • Handle Writ of Possessions
  • In Home Service! No Need to Bring Items to the Curb
  • No Extra Charge for Stairs
  • Online Resale Shop

Core Values

valued business to give new life The Team – We rely so much on each other as a working team. Everyone plays their part in the company. If one personal struggles or fails, we all do. We want all to be able to be their own unique individual, and work to build and lift each other up. In order to do these things everyone must be insured to live with dignity and security.

The Community – It’s easier to assist the small world around you, and to do things on a bigger scale, you must start small. It all starts with helping those people and places that are close to you. We try our best to support locally in order to combine efforts and reach the broad outside environment.

The Environment – We realize we can’t survive without the world around us. We as humans have the power to make or break things globally. If we don’t play our special role in giving new life to our surroundings, then there isn’t much hope for survival. There’s only so much space, and so little time to waste. We can’t just throw it all away.

Environmental Commitment


recycling to give new life to the environment

IREP is a strong proponent of responsible debris removal by recycling 60% of what we haul. We specialize in junk recycling, so you don’t have to worry about proper disposals. IREP not only picks up your debris, we also dispose of it accordingly. Proudly affiliated with local, ecofriendly organizations, we protect our community by recycling, or donating everything we possibly can. By doing this, we reduce waste in landfills. In return, we offer some of the most competitive prices for junk removal services. IREP Junk Removal supports the local community, and its charities. By donating our time, and your recyclable items to non-profit organizations, we hope to help Texas thrive.

Many business owners want to be responsible when it comes to environmental concerns. Unfortunately, they are forced with the real challenge of what to do with the debris or “junk” produced as a result of doing business. Discarded furnishings, clothes, and personal effects are routinely left behind, or discarded in dumpsters by current and moving renters. How to responsibly discard of these items is a real problem for property management companies.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of items taken to the landfill rose from 7.6 million tons in 2005 to 9.69 million tons in 2015, and the rate of increase is accelerating. When it comes to hauling debris, you can feel comfortable knowing that with IREP’s EnviroSustain Program, you’re doing your part to help the environment. Even if it’s only an item or two that doesn’t end up in a landfill, we feel like our efforts have been worth it.


Minimums: Junk Hauling – $95 based on 65 cubic feet (approximate size of a boxed 3 seater couch)*

Groundwork – $60 includes cigarette butts, micro trash, and pet waste*

After minimum on junk hauling, it’s $1.45 per cubic foot (Click here for cubic measuring information)

Residential Complexes: Use us for groundwork, forgo junk haul min., and add dumpster item removal based on a separate “furniture by dumpster pricing” (Contact us for more details). 10+ items at once gets you a 15% discount.

Business Liquidation: If we store to sell, it’s $1.75 per cubic foot to cover hauling, storage & promotions. You can set sell prices, or we can. After 30 days we will drop the price, then 60 days we have the right to donate. Once an item is sold, you get 65%, and we get the other 35% to cover the liquidation process.

All Sales: Item and junk haul, will be subject to taxes. Resale item delivery comes with a $25 fee.

*Some areas outside our 25 mile radius may be subject to $25+ trip charge

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